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Rochester Business Classic continues the legacy of its founders, providing great golf for great causes in a business friendly environment. After 35 years, we remain focused on the value of business relationships and the promotion of Rochester’s established and emerging companies. We are fortunate to have a vibrant business community and relish the opportunity to showcase the philanthropic efforts of the members.

Champions since 1987

  • 1987

    Tom Wilmot, John Kraus,
    Vince Spezzano, John Kircher

  • 1988

    Brian Dwyer, John Hedges,
    Paul McCarthy,
    Claude Wright

  • 1989

    Tom O’Reilly, Doug Weins,
    John Morphy, Jim Growney

  • 1990

    Tom Blank, Gary Brauer,
    Steve McDonell,
    Sandy Leibschutz

  • 1991

    George Growney, Jeff Smith,
    Bob Frost, Bill Strassburg

  • 1992

    Gary Baker, Wayne Kent,
    George Wilkins,
    Charlie Maloney

  • 1993

    Tom Maracle, Dick Pearson,
    Jim Agostinelli, Ed Donohue

  • 1994

    Tom Huber Bill Greiner,
    John Kircher Chris Steinbach

  • 1995

    Wayne Meisenzahl,
    Scott Meisenzahl,
    Tim Meisenzahl, Jim Ducey

  • 1996

    Tom Huber, Chris Steinbach,
    John Kircher, Eric Webber

  • 1997

    Bernie Amende,
    Jim McGrath,
    Rich Brown Mark Sixour

  • 1998

    Dave Alena, Dave Sholes,
    Skip Lamont Eric Smith

  • 1999

    Peter Roby, Scott Wilson,
    Kathy Roby Joe Wilson

  • 2000

    Chris Williams, John Holtz,
    Peter Cowgill, Bill Kreienberg

  • 2001

    Chris Williams, John Holtz,
    Peter Cowgill, Bill Kreienberg

  • 2002

    Dave Henion, Jim DePalma
    Mark Jacob, Colby Amidon

  • 2003

    Frank Pavia, Jay Barber
    Tom Iuppa, Jim Sperry

  • 2004

    Sylvia Franz, Greg Jones
    Dave Rowlands,
    George Smith

  • 2005

    Jon Tobin, Jason Farrar
    Mark VandeSande,
    Todd VandeSande

  • 2006

    Pete Guelli, Tom Dow
    Phil Yawman, Mike Matney

  • 2007

    John Holtz, Bill Kreienberg
    Ed Thaney, Chris Williams

  • 2008

    Chris Coyne, Steve Carl
    Mark Kovaleski,
    Don Robinson

  • 2009

    Scott Herl, Roger Taube
    Michael Hanson, Jim Shetler

  • 2010

    Steve Carl, Andrew Dollinger
    Mike Jones, Mark Kovaleski

  • 2011

    Kevin Halpin, Will Hoy
    Tyler Savage, Joe Casion

  • 2012

    Jim Growney, George Karpus
    Jim LeChase, Dan Lippincott

  • 2013

    Ron Ricotta, Pat Burke
    John Seibold, Gordon Forth

  • 2014

    Rich Gianforti,
    Jordan Morgenstern
    Chris Hill, Alex DelMonte

  • 2015

    Rich Gianforti, Chris Hill
    Brian Giannini,
    Alex DelMonte

  • 2016

    Rick Dorschel, Jeff Wiseman
    John Marriotti,
    Brad McAreavy

  • 2017

    Ron Billitier, Ryan McMahon
    Tom McDonough,
    Grant Randall

  • 2018

    Rufus Judson Fred Morse
    Dave Merrick Jay Wegman

  • 2019

    Mark Allen, Bruce Bender,
    Dan Goldstein, Charlie Knittle

  • 2020


  • 2021

    Phillip Duquin, David Leggio,
    Billy Hanes, Sam Russo

  • 2022

    Mark Allen, Stan Holland,
    Bruce Bender, Charlie Knittle

  • 2023

    Ben Dobrzynski, Blake Gianniny,
    Cameron Betterley, Chris Cieslak

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